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  4. Discounts on Lessons, Workshops, etc.
  5. Complete Access to the Website
  6. Merchant Discounts
  7. The unbelievable joy of knowing that you’ve contributed to the After Dinner Ukulele Society

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Friendly and knowledgable staff, huge selection, fantastic service.  What more could you ask for?   Before making a purchase, present your membership card to Franco, Sheldon, or René and you’ll receive great discounts on their products and services. They are located at 150 Saint Catherine St. East in Montreal. Visit their website or give them a call at (514) 878-2216.  One visit and you’ll agree that Steve’s Music is truly the best music store in the city.
A discount on expert dental work? – Wow!  Dr. G. Lipstein is nothing short of amazing. He is professional, reliable and up to date on all the latest dental techniques. Cosmetic dentistry however, is his forte and the results are astonishing. Dr. Lipstein offers comprehensive dental care and will enhance your smile for life. Call for an appointment at (450) 681-6639. Present your membership card and you will receive a considerable discount on his professional services. He is located at 4351 Notre Dame in Chomedey, Laval. Now that’s my kind of dentist!”
This is one fantastic kosher bakery! In fact, Kosher Quality is by far the best kosher bakery in the city. This Montreal landmark is known for excellent quality, amazing variety and exceptional value. Thanks to Rabbi Klein’s experience and expertise, Kosher Quality’s catering service is second to none. I can’t comment on most of their breads though because I never manage to make it past their “Extra Special Challah”! You won’t find a better challah than this anywhere.  Call them at  514-731-7883.  They are located at 5855 Victoria Avenue near the Van Horne Shopping Centre. Present your membership card to Mr. Klein and receive a 10% discount. Man oh Man, I’m drooling just thinking about the place!
If you like food as much as I do, than this is truly the place for you. Their Grilled Chicken Sandwich, their Grilled Trios, their Shawarma Plates… Ummm!  So good!  Lazatto’s  menu is drawn from a combination of Mediterranean, Italian, and Asiatic specialties. This is quality food and their portions are generous. Present your membership card and receive a 10% discount. If you want to treat a hungry ukulele player to a delicious meal, Luzatto is where I want to go. Call them at  514-739-8535.  They are located at 6445 Decarie Blvd. in The Quality Hotel. Check out their menu and indulge your inner carnivore!
Pizza Pita is a family friendly restaurant and pizza is only the beginning! Try their spicy fries, their poutine,their falafel  or their salad and ice cream bars and you’ll understand why Pizza Pita is the most popular kosher fast-food restaurant in the city. Their cappuccino slush is one of my favourites and their whole wheat pizzas are both healthy and delicious. Don’t forget their frozen cheese cake. It’s out of this world! Looking for a kosher fast-food restaurant? Then this is the place for you. Check out their website at pizzapitta .com or call them at  514-731-7482.  They are located at 6415 Decarie Blvd. Bring your membership card and receive a 10% discount (Mondays through Wednesdays only).
Car wash, interior shampoo, engine wash, simonize These guys do it all. And what a great job they do! This is the best hand car wash in the city. They are located at The Decarie Square  in the underground parking. You cant miss it. (6900 Carré Décarie Square in Montreal). Call them at  514-344-4900. Present your membership card and they will give you a 10% discount on all their services. Talk about clean! Your car will look great both inside and out.
What a wonderful Shop! Truly C.S.L. Bagel make the best kosher bagels in the city… and their cheese spreads – WOW! They are located at 5757 Caldwell Ave. in Cote Saint-Luc. Call them at 514-484-4757. Ask for Seth. He’ll take good care of you and will give you a 10% discount on bagels and spreads when you present your membership card. Let me know what you think and give me the pleasure of saying, “I told you so!