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December 15, 2020 – I wanted to say  thank you for your efforts into putting last night’s Zoom Holiday Concert together. It was truly enjoyable. Your magic trick is not to be believed…..even hubby didn’t figure it out! Also our Zoom gatherings have so inspired me to get better at and learn more chords on the ukulele. There are so many possibilities. Keep up the hard work. You are so appreciated. Happy Chanukah. – Abby.


July 29, 2019 – Dear General, For such a high-ranking military officer, you play the ukulele rather well – and even sing nicely to boot.It was really a privilege and a pleasure to be invited to your ‘umble abode this evening: a privilege because, as I said, we were at your very first solo debut recital. A privilege too because of the company, such fine people and good friends.  And of course a pleasure because of your natural entertaining manner and just being able to relax and go with the flo.  Not to mention the food, of course, credit for which should probably be shared 70% to your wife, 50% to your daughter , and 20% to you.  That’s how good the food was!! Keep up the good work, and thanks for being our friends. – Rhino


May 7, 2019 – Hi Eliezer, I had a fun and challenging evening. I am inspired to play harder and learn. That’s what I was hoping to get, and I got plenty of it! The possibilities are endless, and I guess slow and steady wins the race, as they say. You gave me w-a-a-a-y too much credit: I just might get a “swellhead” myself! I have a long way to go to play like Jake Shimabukuro. Freda wanted to get the finger-style tab for “The Chariots of Fire” and I will be happy to send it and other stuff to you, once I polish them up a bit. Maybe you can then forward it to her or post them or something. Maybe I can interest the group in doing a little “jam session”. I was thinking that “Tequila” (The Champs, The Ventures) is a cool little instrumental with four chords, and some percussion. I am working on two-voice tab for it. I’ll be in touch, have a great day! – Eliot


June 19, 2018  – I want to say thank you for the great time together. Nice people, nice musicIt was much fun playing ukulele and singing together. – Noriko


June 5, 2018  – I want to thank you so much for a fun and stimulating evening last night. I found that my chord changes were becoming more fluid because I tried hard to join in even though I missed some chords in the songs. I find that my tastes in music are becoming more eclectic because of your choice of the various styles. For example, I had never heard of James Taylor or Vance Joy. I am hooked on their songs, especially Rip Tide and Country Roads. In addition, I’m motivated to practice at home. – Kitty


May 27, 2018 – It’s funny how we sometimes wish the hours away and yet pray that a certain moment could last forever like the group of people who played their music for us at the Catherine Booth Hospital today. Thank you After Dinner Ukulele Society. – Jack


May 26, 2018 – Dear Eliezer, Sol and I want to thank you so much for coming over to our home to entertain us with your ukulele. You are a talented musician who plays the ukulele like  a pro. Your humor and choice of song really cheered Sol up. You performed a real mitzvah (good deed). Good luck with the concert tomorrow. I’ll be thinking of you and the other performers. I hope to see you on Monday evening with Thea if my back is ok. – Carol


March 17, 2018 – Just a brief note to let you know that I appreciate you. Your class is the highlight of my week. I love singing with you at the hospital and I particularly enjoy recording. Thanks to your many tips, I can now play with confidence and do not worry about too many difficult chords in a song. Due to your help, my ukulele has become a medication which gets me through some very bad times.  Sincerely -Freda 


December 21, 2017 – Eliezer and I met at the aquatic centre this morning to record “Love Me Tender”. He brought in several  ukuleles and a great deal of recording equipment. It took us about two hours to record three tracks, one with me playing the tenor ukulele, one with me singing, and one with me harmonizing. It was hard work but fun and the result was something I was most pleased with.  Eliezer is also going to add a fourth track with a bass ukulele. I think this could create a most beautiful sound. I highly recommend that others in the group try these recording sessions. What a beautiful way to spend a morning. Thank you Eliezer. It was terrific. – Freda


November 19, 2017 – Two years ago I joined the After Dinner Ukulele Society because I love to sing and was tired of depending on other people to accompany me. The meetings were always fun and the people were totally non judgemental.  We would be given one song to learn as a homework assignment but what I really loved, was the open mike part of the evening. There members performed the song they loved  for the group. Because I was passionate about the songs I chose, I spent a great deal of time rehearsing for the big event. After a while, I truly fell in love with the ukulele and I look forward to practicing. Now whenever I hear a song that appeals to me, I can hardly wait to learn it and then present it at the club. This has actually become a great source of joy for me. – Freda 


October 2, 2017 – We had a wonderful time with you and your group last week. Please thank Len for his rendition of Danny Boy and Dave for his barre chord tips and Freda for her inspiring voice. – Jo


August 10, 2017 – It’s a pleasure hear good players such as yourself and Claudio from which I could learn. There’s a lot to learn from seeing competent musicians. Thanks again for the warm welcome, the lanyard and the binder, and especially, thanks for the special song you sang for me. I really did feel like a VIP. – Carol


August 8, 2017 – I think the meeting last night was most successful yet. People left extremely happy and feeling they had accomplished something while having a great time. It was difficult because we had so many levels. A very good night, however. – Freda


July 4, 2017 -Like you, I enjoy playing together and getting to sing a song too. I like to go home happy. That’s the point isn’t it? Camaraderie, music, spiced with a little conversation and humour is what ADUS is for me and I suspect, for all of us. I would not likely be a member or even have a ukulele today if it were not for your desire and passion to start a club and arm it with a long term vision. I appreciate that, Eliezer, very much. I am looking forward to the next meeting! – David


February 28, 2017 – Thank you so much for the Beginner’s Workshop on Sunday. Charlie and I really enjoyed it. Charlie is getting better than me …  The Beginner Ukulele Workshop Level I with Eliezer was very useful and well organized. We learned how to properly hold and play the ukulele, its basic parts, several strumming patterns and some beginner chords. It’s so encouraging because after learning a few chords, we were able to play so many songs. I highly recommend The Beginner’s Workshop for people just starting out on this awesome little instrument. We look forward to the next meeting.  – Brigitte

January  25, 2017 – Many thanks to Eliezer and Freda for helping me get the hang of the uke for the first time. The welcome song and personalized music binder made me feel very included. I had a lot of fun and look forward to our next meeting!  – Brigitte


May 5, 2016 – Thank you so much for a wonderful time on Monday. Giulia and I will do our best to attend your next meeting. Thanks again for the lift back to the metro. The fact that I am able to get back to the metro, makes it safer and easier to get home.
I look forward to seeing you at the next meeting. – 


March 21, 2016 – I’m looking forward to another dynamic & fun session. I’m learning so much. Cheers. -Maureen 


July 24, 2015 – I just wanted to thank the After Dinner Ukulele Society personally for coming to the Farmers’ Market this past July 12th! The members of the Club were so nice and the music was perfect for the event and the space! Acoustic ukulele, children dancing and people humming popular classics as they were shopping around: the presence of your musicians really added to the event! With your permission, I would love to contact you again for future events as well as for the farmers’ market. We are always looking for new ways to add some ambiance to our events and inviting members of the community with musical talent is an excellent way to create a buzz and bring people together! Thanks again for your presence, your talent and your kindness! Have a great day and see you soon. – Laurence Fauteux


February 16, 2015 –  Last night I went to my first ever Ukulele club! I had great fun with Eliezer and the others! Eliezer was a joke a minute and reminded me so much of my friends Jerry, Lenny and Lenny Dave. I miss you guys!! I bought my ukulele 4 days ago and I’m bringing it to Guatemala to Care Clowning for the kids in orphanage and hospitals! I’m leaving in a few days.  Thank you for your warm welcome!!!! I had a wonderful time with everyone! – Guy


January 13, 2015 –  Hi Eliezer. I enjoyed last meeting and keep practicing, see you next Monday!!!!!  – Claudio


December 13, 2014 – Eliezer is a constituent of mine and a fine gentleman. One recent Sunday afternoon he invited me in to learn about his Ukulele club, a unique group that meets regularly in Cote Saint-Luc. He performed a few numbers on stage with a lovely 80 year young rookie Ukulele player. They were great. Of note was their hilarious singing of “I’m spending Chanukah in Santa Monica.” If you’ve never heard that tune look it up on YouTube. It’s very funny. Later, the multi-talented Eliezer returned as a ventriloquist for a comedy routine with his friend, Wally. – Glenn Nashen


October 9,  2014   I won’t be able to make the next meeting, but I do hope I can come again because it was really fun! 🙂 Thank you again for your generosity of spirit in welcoming us to the fold! – Matthew


April 28, 2014 – Hi Eliezer, I have to  bow out of your group because my Brazilian Samba Percussion Group has resumed rehearsals every Tuesday night and that is all that this old body can handle. I enjoyed the few sessions I attended with you guys. You’re an awesome instructor and a lovely bunch of people. Keep up the good work and please extend my regards to all for a happy spring and say a big hello to Donna! Thank you for your kindness, Eliezer. Sincerely, Shana


October 8, 2013  –  I want to thank you for the hard work and enthusiasm you are putting into ADUS. I LOVE OUR MEETINGS. You have sparked  an old interest in me. Consequently, even my husband has  dusted off his guitar and spends his evenings strumming away. Thank you for the enthusiasm, passion and energy you are devoting to ADUS. I am having so much fun. – Donna


August 6, 2013  –   Hi Eliezer,  Just want to thank you for organizing last night’s meeting. Your enthusiasm was charming and humour delightful. Thank you for introducing me to the ukelele. I think I might even buy one since my guitar is getting dusty with no use! Ukelele looks like it might be easier to learn. – Ellen