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UAS Excuses

Here is a partial listing of how to deal with WAF. (Wife Approval Factor)

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The A to Z of UAS: What excuse should I use this time?


  1. But this makes a nice round 10 to my baritone collection!

  2. I don’t know, but I’m pretty sure it’s about like maybe a 1/4 of its new price! What a bargain! I saved heaps!

  3. I was just minding my own business on ebay and this baritone deal pop out of no where! I swear!

  4. Oh! What the heck! Who sent this package? Seriously!

  5. You know…our anniversary is coming up…

  6. But…every collection need one of these!

  7. OMG! You got me a another ukulele??? You shouldn’t have. What a darling!

  8. I have a parcel???

  9. Had such a terrible day at work today (sad face)….wait, what’s this package?!

  10. Finally, Nigel Jennings returned my old baritone…

  11. But this one comes with a set of vintage gold tone strings. You can’t buy those strings anymore…

  12. Remember I didn’t get a uke on my last birthday? Or did I?

  13. Oh but check out the smell of this sound hole.

  14. Can’t believe this old uke finally arrived. I ordered it like a year ago. No kidding!

  15. You really won’t believe how lucky I was to win this with only one low bid on ebay!

  16. Wow! Check out the grains on this baby! Isn’t it a must?!

  17. This one has a unique scale length…

  18. Honey! Look what I got you!

  19. Oh yeah…every cool kid has one of these.

  20. They don’t make these anymore, it’s a collectable…

  21. Well thank you love! You know what I like xxx

  22. This is such a great buy! It even came with a strap!

  23. Hang on a minute, how did this get here?

  24. Oh this thing? It’s for the kid!

  25. Stop looking at me like that, just wait till you see what’s in the box!

  26. You know…I have been so good…It’s been like almost five months since my last new uke…